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Incorporated in 2021, Nano Wellness is a dynamic player in nanotechnology-based nutritional supplements, blending ancient Nutritional wisdom with modern technology to enhance the nutritional potential of everyday foods. Our focus is on promoting and featuring tested nano nutritional supplements, and we assist manufacturers in utilizing the digital medium to reach a global audience. Our partnership with Dr.Vijay Kanuru, a globally recognized nanotechnology expert, adds further credibility to our efforts.

Nano Wellness employs nanotechnology to enhance the nutritional value of micronutrients present in daily foods, promoting holistic wellness through innovative products rooted in ancient Indian nutritional wisdom, which makes it the Best Ayurvedic Nanotechnology Medicine in India. Our products offer disproportionately high responses to overall health and wellness, thanks to the potency of traditional remedies and herbs combined with modern nanotech.

One of our flagship products is the Best Ayurvedic nanotechnology medicine in India, which utilizes Curcumin Turmeric as a key ingredient. This groundbreaking medicine represents a significant advancement in cancer treatment, offering targeted and effective patient therapy. With its proven results and innovative approach, this medicine is setting a new standard in cancer treatment in India and beyond. Experience the benefits of this revolutionary medicine and join us in the fight against cancer.

We are pioneers in utilizing Nanotechnology and other modern technology to greatly enhance the potency of traditional remedies, herbs, and nutritional foods. So, join the nano movement with Nano Wellness and stay healthy, happy, and immune.

The Cultivatorⁿᵃⁿᵒ

Dr. Vijay Kanuru

Integrative Oncology Expert
Onco-Nutrition Specialist
Immuno Oncology Scientist

Dr. Vijay Kanuru is the inventor of HARAS and one of the world’s leading nanotech innovators committed for a healthy world and a lively planet. A Stanford-Cornell trained technopreneur and an experienced leader, runs deep science and tech enterprises. Inspired by his grandmother’s practice of using turmeric –water for pious cleaning, Cambridge educated nano scientist, Dr. Vijay Kanuru, after 7 years of research has developed HARAS, an innovative and world’s first Air Pollution Detox. HARAS is based on super food curcumin (turmeric extract) ,which is an essential internal cleanser to be taken in the morning for the internal hygiene against pollution, which is more important than brushing teeth.

A strong believer of human potential and quality of life which is being taken over by toxic air and traffic, he developed a cost effective simple ayurvedic super food intervention, which made a difference to so many people. He is now embarked on a mission to improve productivity of the nation by improving energy levels at work places. Vijay Kanuru is a recipient of prestigious academic distinctions and research fellowships such as the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, DAAD, Helmholtz, and Lowry Prize and also recognised with a Young Scientist Award from IACS, USA. Dr. Kanuru is one of the world’s foremost leading authorities, who is spearheading ayurvedic nanotech herbal innovations for contemporary lifestyle challenges.


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