Reduces Chemo Side Effects

Inhibits Radiation Side Effects

Decrease Fatigue

Prevents Infections and Relapses

100% Natural

Side Effects Management

Advanced Cancer Care

Brecan Plus


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BRECAN Plus is an essential cancer care supplement whether it is treating the debilitating side effects or improving the outcomes of standard chemo-radiation therapies.


Brecan Plus is

” An Essential Cancer Care Supplement Whether It Is Treating the Debilitating Side Effects or Improving the Outcomes of Standard Chemo-Radiation Therapies.”

Clinically validated

Scientifically Proven

Safety Tested

Greater Efficacy

Dosage & Duration

1 - 2

Capsules per Day

Lifelong Safe

Safe to consume lifelong for cancer.

Min 3 - 6 months

Consume for minimum 3-6 months for best results.

Proven by Science
This patented and clinically validated formula has been developed by a leading Cambridge nano scientist Dr.Vijay Kanuru’s after more than a decade of R&D efforts using proprietary processes and rigorous testing to bring new discoveries to life for saving millions of lives and longevity.
How it's made
An assorted high curcumin turmeric variety in dried form has been sourced from Turmeric City, Salem nestled in the pristine western Ghats. Curcuminoids has been extracted, isolated, purified and standardised using solvent extraction process. Subsequently standardised curcumin was procured and converted into nanoparticles then graduated by spray dried methods. Later on formulated with food grade excipients for stability and calibration. Lastly thus potentiated formula has been encapsulated into vegetarian cellulose capsules.

3 reviews for Brecan Plus

  1. admin

    Natural & Effective.

  2. Mrunal

    Very effective product. Highly recommanded

  3. Kushal Chakrabarty

    I can’t praise Brecan Plus enough for its exceptional support during my cancer treatment journey. The peace of mind knowing I’m giving my body the best possible support is invaluable.

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